Mini hedgehog free crochet pattern

Mini hedgehog amigurumi

With this free crochet hedgehog pattern and video tutorial, you can make a cute little hedgehog as a keychain and gift for kids or friends. The hedgehog amigurumi is pretty quick and easy.

Designer: Olga Lukoshkina
Instagram: @lukoshkina.o

You will need:

  • YarnArt Jeans or Alize Cotton Gold yarn (brown, beige, black and green color)
  • 2.25 mm crochet hook
  • White sewing thread or embroidery floss
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Filler

Free crochet hedgehog tutorial

Free amigurumi hedgehog tutorial

R – row
ch – chain
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)
dec – decrease (2 sc together)
[…] – number of stitches you should have at the end of the row
(…) – repeat whatever is between the brackets the given number of times

With brown yarn:
R 1: 6 sc in magic ring [6]
R 2: (inc) repeat 6 times [12]
R 3: 3 sc, (2 hdc in one st) repeat 6 times, 3 sc [18]
R 4: 4 sc, 2 hdc, (2 hdc in one st) repeat 6 times, 2 hdc, 4 sc [24]
R 5: 5 sc, 4 hdc, (2 hdc in one st) repeat 6 times, 4 hdc, 5 sc [30]
R 6-10: 5 sc, 20 hdc, 5 sc [30]
R 11: 5 sc, 1 hdc, (hdc, dec) repeat 6 times, hdc, 5 sc [24]
Change to beige yarn:
R 12: 9 sc, 3 dec, 9 sc [21]
R 13: 21 sc
R 14: (5 sc, dec) repeat 3 times [18]
Stuff with fiberfill.
R 15: (dec, 1 sc) repeat 6 times [12]
R 16: (dec, 2 sc) repeat 3 times [9]
R 17: (dec, 1 sc) repeat 3 times [6]
Finish stuffing.
Fasten off (view video at 18:00).
Crochet mini hedgehog keychain

Embroider nose with black yarn on R 17 (view video at 19:21).

Embroider eyes on R 14 at the distance of 7 sc from each other (view video at 20:30).

Ears (make 2, view video at 25:27)
With beige yarn:
Make a magic ring.
1 ch, 2 hdc, sl st in a magic ring.
Pull off the magic ring.
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Sew ears on R 11.

Crochet hedgehog amigurumi

Leaf (view video at 27:53)
With green yarn:
Make 7 ch.
R 1: from the 2nd ch from hook: 6 sc, 1 turning chain
R 2: work on both sides of the chain: 1 sc, hdc, dc, hdc, 2 sc, 1 ch,
on other side of the chain (view video at 29:05): 2 sc, hdc, dc, hdc, 1 sc, sl st in 1st ch + 3 ch
Fasten off.

Sew the leaf to the hedgehog (at 30:15).

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  1. I figured out why my first attempt came out like a sausage rather than a round hedgehog: I was doing a “single crochet decrease,” “single crochet increase,” “double crochet decrease,” and “double crochet increase” in a different way from what the gal does in the video. I ended up watching the video at half speed to see how she did the decreases. The way I first did it made it bulkier and added more stitches to those rounds. That explains my hot dog.
    Her way is much slimmer. The video was very helpful!

  2. I am wonder if it’s me but….R11 is supposed to equate to 24 stitches. I really can’t see how. If I follow the instructions I end up with 4 stitches left that need stitching into to complete the round ie 6 + 6 + 6 (as in the pattern = 18 not 24. I can use them up with SC but that only gives me 22 or can hdc dec but that leaves even less. I can’t follow the video as I only understand English and it’s too quick and intricate to follow the actual stitches. Can you help please? I’d hate to give up as was enjoying doing it. Thank you

    1. Claire, crochet R 10: 5 sc, 20 hdc, 5 sc [30]
      R 11: 5 sc, 1 hdc, 1 hdc, dec, 1 hdc, dec, 1 hdc, dec, 1 hdc, dec, 1 hdc, dec, 1 hdc, dec, hdc, 5 sc [24]
      There is no mistake in the pattern.

      Try to watch the video slowly (0.5 or 0.75 speed). You can change the speed of any YouTube video.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply and I get it now. I was reading hdc dec x 6 and missed the comma. Call it Covid brain! I did say it was probably me! 🤪