Mini pig free amigurumi pattern

Crochet plush pig amigurumi

Designer: Plush Toys Poly (@plush_toys_poly)

You will need:

  • Yarn: YarnArt Dolce or Himalaya Dolphin Baby
  • 4.00 mm crochet hook
  • 6.00 mm safety eyes

The finished pig is 10 cm (3.9”) lying down.

Amigurumi pig free crochet plush pattern

R – row
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)
dec – decrease (2 sc together)
BLO – back loop only
[…] – number of stitches you should have at the end of the row
(…) – repeat whatever is between the brackets the given number of times

Ears (make 2)
Make 6 ch. From the 2nd ch from hook:
R 1: 5 sc, 1 turning chain
R 2: dec, 1 sc, dec, 1 turning chain
R 3: 3 sc together
Fasten off.

Head and body
Crochet in a spiral.
R 1: 2 ch, 6 hdc in 2nd ch from hook [6]
R 2: BLO 6 sc [6]
R 3: (inc) repeat 6 times [12]
Insert safety eyes between R 3 and R 4 at 2 st in between the eyes.
R 4: (1 sc, inc) repeat 6 times [18]
R 5: (2 sc, inc) repeat 6 times [24]
R 6: 24 sc
R 7: 6 sc, 4 sc together with sc of the 1st ear, 4 sc, 4 sc together with sc of the 2nd ear, 4 sc, 4-dc cluster/Puff st/Booble (leg), 1 sc [24]
R 8: 1 sc, 4-dc cluster/Puff st/Booble (leg), 22 sc [24]
R 9: 24 sc
R 10: 23 sc, 4-dc cluster/Puff st/Booble (leg) [24]
R 11: 2 sc, 4-dc cluster/Puff st/Booble (leg), 21 sc [24]
R 12: 24 sc
R 13: (dec) repeat 12 times [12]
R 14: (dec) repeat 6 times [6]
R 15: 6 ch, from the 2nd ch from hook: inc in every st
Leave a end tail of approx 10-15 cm.
Pull 6 ch with the end tail. Hide the end of yarn inside the body.

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  1. I’m a little confused by this pattern. When making the rounds, are you joining and chaining 1 before starting another round?

  2. This is a very difficult pattern to follow. I tried and tried and it just didn’t make sense. Such a shame.

  3. This little pig is SO cute and the pattern is quick and easy to work up! Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  4. Pattern was so easy to follow and the little piggies are so quick to make and so so cute. Thanks for sharing this pattern

  5. This works up really cute. Took me a minute to get the instructions but once I did they were easy to follow.

  6. This is a super cute pattern but it needs a few additions. Explaining or linking a video on how to do the Booble stitches would be helpful. I did find a video and made it work. For those needing to know how you start a double but only pull through the first 2 stitches then start another double by yarning over and going into the same stitch and pull through the first 2 stitches on your hook. Repeat this 2 more times then yarn over and pull through the 5 remaining loops on your hook. Then do you SC in the next.
    Also something about stuffing needs to be added because I didn’t end up stuffing til after I had the tail done and had a tiny hole in which to get the stuffing in. I would stuff it before you get to the last row of decreases after row 13.
    Hope this helps some people.

  7. I need some help with the ears, could you explain it more in depth? I did the 4 stitches together… but how do I attach the ears with a single crochet? This is for a Christmas gift so I hope you can reply soon! I love the pattern I’m just confused on that little bit. Please help me! Thanks!

    1. Look up plush_toys_poly on YouTube. It isn’t in English but you can see how she attaches the ears